Themes and Streams

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Network Themes & Challenge Streams

The Directed Assembly Network is focused around five themes though we do not see them as stand-alone activities. With this in mind we encourage the ‘cross-fertilisation’ of research and ideas though the challenge streams, and more can be found on this in the Roadmap.

Functional hybrid materials

Controlling the assembly of designed molecular frameworks and hybrid materials with targeted properties

Nucleation & Crystallisation

Controlling nucleation and crystallisation processes

Biological & Biomimetic Systems

Controlling molecular self-assembly in biological and biomimetic systems

Surfaces & Interfaces

Controlling surface-based molecular self-assembly for applications in interface science

Intelligent chemical reactors

Developing self-optimised chemical systems through self-evolution

Challenge Streams

A. Directed Assembly
B. Directed Disassembly
C. Translation and scale-up