Call for ideas for next Sandpit meeting

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Call for ideas for next Sandpit meeting

The purpose of the two-day community led sandpits is to develop and allocate funding to the Proof of Concept projects. The core focus will be on the Translation of an Assembly or Disassembly process. This will be the first sandpit for phase III and its theme will be around functional inorganic & molecular materials.

Participation of all disciplines of the Network is encouraged to develop innovative proposals. These proposals will be evaluated against the objectives of the Network by an expert panel that will comprise members of the AdvC and EPSRC. The proposals that are identified as promising but not funded will contribute to the Roadmap and supported for further development.

We are interested in your ideas for the event and would welcome your input. You can also use this to register your interest in the event, a formal call will be sent out later in the year.